Giving something back.

I predominantly offer Psychotherapy sessions for parents/carers of children who are on the Autistic spectrum or who have Special Needs. We walk and talk in Nature, rather than sit inside a room, and this form of therapy is found to be more relaxing, while enjoying the natural environment.

There are not many people who can afford to pay out in excess of £50 for an hour of Counselling or Psychotherapy, as these sessions are never just once a week; they go on for weeks, months and sometimes longer. This is an expensive outlay for most people.

As a parent of an Autistic child, I know only too well the frustration of parents of trying to do what is best for their family, yet facing very long waiting lists (years), to get access to therapeutic services. Finding a private therapist who has experience of Autism in the family is even more challenging, and expensive!

I do not charge for my time or services.

If clients feel a need to pay something towards what I provide, then I suggest they donate a small amount to one of the charities that I support:

Get2gether – Adults with Disabilities who have a place to meet, find friends and have fun in a safe environment.

Kindred – Charity that helps parents while their children are admitted to the Sick Children’s Hospital.


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