About Me

Educated at George Watson’s College, in Edinburgh and then worked in Office Management/Administration for Local Government and Major Construction, before owning a retail Newsagent in the Blackhall area of Edinburgh. My training in Reiki and Healing started in 1997, and after attending college to complete my Counselling qualifications, I studied for 6 years with the Open University to obtain of Bachelor of Science degree, with Honours, studying Psychology and Counselling.

I have been involved for 22 years directly and indirectly in many capacities in the fields of Counselling and helping therapies for Autism, Special Needs, Adoption, HRT, Post-Cardiac Recovery, Alcohol Addiction, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Anxiety, Sadness and Genetic Advocacy.

Mindfulness Practitioner; Reiki and Meditation Practitioner. Mind Coach Practitioner.

Disclosure 2020.