Cardio recovery

If you have had a Heart attack or similar cardio event, recovery can be slow and frustrating to many people. When I created Change Therapy, the aim was to provide extra support to survivors of cardio events by introducing gentle therapies that we could work through together, to benefit your overall wellbeing.

This includes altering your outlook on life, and learning how to be more optimistic about your future.

Some of the therapies that I offer are Mindfulness, Walk and Talk and MBCT which are gentle and manageable without putting any pressure or strain on you physically. What they will do is improve your emotional state of mind. Optimism may not be something you associate with having a serious illness, however I am walking testimony that you can have a better way of life through practicing the aforementioned Therapies.

I will guide you through these sessions, and together we will feel the benefit of positive psychology in practice.

I have a website dedicated to Cardio recovery, which is also linked to this site, and if you visit it by clicking here or click on the full link

As the years have rolled on in my practice, the overwhelming evidence is that the psychological impact on clients is very successful in aiding recovery, therefore I offered similar sessions to anyone that needed help and guidance, to cope with anxiety and depression. This is proving to be very popular and beneficial to many people. I work in collaboration with Get2gether, and support the British Heart Foundation, Salvesen Mindroom and Carers of East Lothian.

There is no charge for the above services until October 1st, when certain fees will apply. In the meantime, I would encourage donations to be made to any of the above charities which would be warmly appreciated.

Thank you