Typical fees for a Counsellor, are between £40 and £60ph.

Typical fees for a Psychologist are between £75 and £300ph

I specialize in providing therapy for parents or carers who have a child on the Autistic spectrum; this extends to grandparents and family members. I do not charge a Fee.

The vast majority of people who get in touch with me are in a situation where they cannot afford to pay for Therapy, and they have found that most charities have a very long waiting list for any kind of support.

There are not many people who can afford to pay out in excess of £40 for less than an hour of Psychotherapy, as these sessions are never just once a week; they go on for weeks, months and sometimes longer. This is an expensive outlay for most people.

I predominantly offer sessions on a one to one basis however places are limited and not on any set day of the week. We arrange a time and date which suits us both.

There is no catch or hidden agenda here, if you are accepted as a client, you will not pay any fees.

If you feel a need to pay something, then donate a small amount to one of the charities that I support:



********COVID alert********

All meeting in person are suspended due to the risk of the pandemic. Members of my family fall into the higher risk category, therefore until I get the vaccine (May 2021?), Please get in touch via the Contact form or email me at changetherapyuk@gmail.com. Stay safe.