I trained as a Person Centred Counsellor with COSCA, and hold my Batchelor of Science degree with Honours, studying Psychology.

I specialize in providing Mindfulness Walks in Nature for parents or carers who have a child who has Autism or Disability – I do not charge a Fee.

The majority of people who get in touch with me are in a situation where they cannot afford to pay for Therapy, and they have found that most charities have a very long waiting list for any kind of support.

Typical attendance with a psychotherapist or counsellor, entail sessions that go on for weeks, months and sometimes years. This can be an expensive outlay for most people.

Why do I not charge a Fee? I am nearing retirement age, and decided that I should give something back to the Universe/World, therefore offer my skills to those in need without financial concern. Anyone who knows me, would agree that I am a ‘giver’ rather than a ‘taker’ and delight in helping people in need.

I predominantly offer sessions on a one to one basis however places are very limited and not on any set day of the week. We arrange a time and date which suits us both.

If you feel a need to pay something, then please donate a small amount to one of the charities I support:

Get2gether – Helping Adults with Disabilities find Friendship/Love.

Kindred – supports parents of children with complex needs with advocacy, information and emotional support.

Please get in touch via the Contact form or email me at changetherapyuk@gmail.com. Stay safe.