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Present Moment

Do memories cause you pain? Practice being in the present moment. Turn your attention to the here and now. Notice that your thoughts subside when you focus on the present. As your thoughts quiet, so too, the memories, because memories … Continue reading

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Life goes on..

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The word loneliness is one that is never really mentioned, except in the news or by people talking about others. It is viewed as a desperate sort of subject and one best avoided, as it only affects certain types etc … Continue reading

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Give your Intellect a Spring clean

Our cognitive ability is not fixed. Scores on intelligence tests vary depending on the circumstances at the time of testing – how tired you are, how well nourished, how anxious you are. These are not the only factors that make … Continue reading

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Walking in Nature Works!

The idea of Walking in Nature, has recently been subscribed to patients by the NHS in Shetland, which have shown that health issues such as high blood pressure, anxiety and sadness, are massively reduced over time by walking in nature. … Continue reading

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