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Can do or Can’t do?

It is easy to say that ‘I can’t do’. When faced with a challenge, what are you more likely to say in this instance? An upcoming interview or a meeting? Perhaps, you have been asked to speak to an audience … Continue reading

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A good therapist

  The talking therapies are a form of storytelling, where many conclusions are possible. A good therapist teaches you to get along with the world, not to blow it up. Mindfulness walks can help you get some peace and quiet … Continue reading

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Can you train yourself to be more optimistic?

  Can you train yourself to be more optimistic? In this current pandemic you may ask? With so much depressing news filtering in to our living rooms these days, the general mood of society is one of despair and sadness. … Continue reading

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A time of uncertainty and compassion for others

As the country seems to be going through yet more turbulent times, it is good to have our mindfulness practice to see us through whatever arises, giving us a little distance, a little breathing space, between ourselves and the haunting … Continue reading

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