Change Psychotherapy

20th May 2020

In light of the First Minister’s announcement to stay at home unless absolutely necessary, we will not risk our or your health by continuing to offer therapy in the community.

Depending on the guidance given in relation to social distancing, we will provisionally look at taking bookings for sessions starting 1st of July at the earliest.

You are welcome to get in touch by email, and if convenient, communication can be offered via Skype or Facetime.

Stay safe

The idea of Walking in Nature, has recently been subscribed to patients by the NHS in Shetland and Highlands, which have shown that health issues such as High Blood pressure, anxiety and sadness, are massively reduced over time. Change Therapy embraces this notion, and offers the unique therapy of Walk and Talk, which encourages positive growth, promotes confidence and an increase in your own Wellbeing.

I use Counselling skills, and various psychology strategies, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness, to bring about the changes in the client. We meet in a safe space, never isolated from people, and our sessions are always confidential. Think of a typical session as therapy while walking, rather than sitting in an office with 4 walls – this way you are encouraged to embrace nature, while we find new ways to cope with life challenges.

Getting a diagnosis and a label, can help open doors to specialized help with the NHS, however waiting lists are also very long, and this is where Change Therapy can help, by being an alternative to nothingness – email me to arrange to meet up, and you can decide if this is for you.

My wish to help people comes about through mainly personal experience in recovery from serious illness and being a parent of children with special needs, including Autism. I am  in an excellent position to relate to people who are finding life adjustments difficult to manage. Some of the issues that are presented to me are new, but we will work together to find ways to move forward and at least give you some breathing space.

Have you or someone you know had a serious illness recently, and find that adapting to a new way of life, is not going as well as you hoped? No longer are you able to do the things you used to, as the body takes a long time to recover, which leads to many different emotions, some you are not familiar with and invariably you can get stuck in a negative way of thinking.

Change Therapy is the leading provider in Scotland of Walking in Nature, providing specialized therapies for parents/guardians connected with Autism, and for people struggling to adapt to life changes after serious illness, including heart attacks.

Are you a parent of a child on the Autistic Spectrum, and finding that the life you are living is manic, and you are under so much pressure, with no time to yourself? Are you struggling to cope with the demands of caring for your child and need help in balancing your life?


We do things at a pace to suit your needs. Feel free to bring someone with you, to walk a short distance behind, to give you freedom to talk in confidence.


Steve Jones (BSc. Hons) in Psychology and Counselling; Psychotherapist,  Mindfulness Practitioner, Autism and Special Needs Consultant/Advocate.


“I came across Change Therapy and  Steve during a ASD awareness course at a time when I was finding life difficult due to illness, It has been useful to have conversations and sessions and relaxed walks with Steve. Though at times it has been hard to keep up the practice of mindfulness as time has come along, I have quickly felt the benefits of the sessions and with my own input at home through regular practice. People around me have noticed an impact it has been having on me in a positive way, and I have been able to relax, sleep better and am being more mindful of the things I am  doing and how I do them, taking one or two minutes a day to be in the present. These sessions  have reminded me that I must take the best care of myself. As well as mindfulness the sessions give an opportunity to talk an discus, work through everyday issues I may come across as a guardian of a child with ASD in a non judgmental environment”.

-Craig W, Musselburgh.

I can confidently state that Mindfulness and Meditation are wonderful experiences which promote a more calming environment in life, and will help anyone cope with changes in their lifestyle.

– Lena, East Lothian

“I found some peace from the usual hectic and crazy life that I was leading, and over time, I could transfer what I had learned to the rest of my family. Thanks again.”

W.M – East Lothian