ASD Support

Being a parent can be a lonely and frightening journey, and if your child is diagnosed as Autistic, or has similar traits, then challenges become amplified, as you seek help for you and your child. It can be difficult to try and negotiate the pathways of child development, through the early years of school and beyond.

Trying to ensure your child’s needs are met by Education are exhausting, such is the wide spectrum of abilities of children and the financial constraints set by the Government on schools.

There are hurdles to jump, hoops to go through and so many people involved with differing opinions on how best you should manage your child. Finding some space to make sense of your situation, is very demanding too.

Getting outside help is often a tremendous strain, in that families have to wait for many months, if not years for help. A diagnosis and or/a label, can help open doors to specialized help with the NHS, however waiting lists are also very long, and this is where Change Therapy aims to bridge that gap while you wait. My therapies are independent of the NHS, and are not designed to duplicate their services.

As a parent of a child with Autism, I know only too well that your world literally gets turned upside down, as you seek answers to why your child has difficulties in coping with the world, and in this time, as mentioned above, a very lengthy period, finding space to think clearly, away from your family, can be problematic.

If you can find an hour or so a week, then come for a session with me, and hopefully this will have a positive impact on not only you, but your family.

My own experience of these years, fraught with the uncertainty of when my child would get a diagnosis , motivated me to provide an alternative for other parents/carers who found themselves in a similar situation.

I therefore  decided to offer Mindfulness sessions through Walks in Nature.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation which has been proven to have a variety of benefits. Mindfulness refers to heightened awareness of what is going on within and around you, in the present moment, in a non-judgemental way.

An hour with me for a Walk in Nature, is the perfect start, and a chance to ‘offload’ does wonders!

Come and try a session out and judge for yourself.