Change Therapy

Change Therapy provides specialized and unique psychotherapies, for parents/carers of children who are on the Autistic Spectrum.

Are you finding that your life is not your own, and you are under so much pressure, with no time to yourself? Are you struggling to cope with the demands of caring for your child and need help in balancing your life?

Looking after and managing the lives of not just your family, but your Autistic child can have an impact on your own Well being, and getting a break can be very difficult.

I am offering therapies such as Guided Mindfulness walks and Walking in Nature just for you – which are designed to  show a different perspective on the world we live in, and ultimately help increase self awareness, confidence and give you some calmness of the mind.

The idea of Walking in Nature©, has recently been subscribed to patients by the NHS in Shetland, which have shown that many health issues such as stress and anxiety are massively reduced over time. Change Therapy embraces this notion, and offers the unique therapy of Walking in Nature, which encourages positive growth, promotes confidence and increases Well-being. I draw on various psychological strategies to guide you towards  improving self-esteem, compassion for others, empathy, respect and acceptance of self.

During your first session, we will discuss issues of confidentiality and how you will negotiate encountering other people when out walking. Wherever we are, seeing people walking and talking side by side is a very common sight, and we will appear no different either.

We meet in a safe space, never isolated from people, and always remain in the public domain.

For some people, walking outside might itself confront issues they would like to address such as a fear of open spaces or a fear of feeling judged for their appearance. Having a therapist on your side might ease a return to engaging in social situations.

Remember that these therapies, involve walking, however if you have difficulties in walking, perhaps using a wheelchair or relying on walking aids, please rest assured this is not a barrier to accessing this therapy. Sitting down frequently on our walk, is actively encouraged!

So, book your session soon, as places can be very limited.

One of our locations for Mindfulness – Amisfield Walled Garden

My first-hand experience of the roller coaster of emotions relating to bringing up a family member on the Autistic Spectrum, can be reassuring to clients, knowing that I am someone who understands both the theory and the practical issues that we, as parents have to manage 24/7.


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