“I came across Change Therapy and  Steve during a ASD awareness course at a time when I was finding life difficult due to illness, It has been useful to have conversations and sessions and relaxed walks with Steve. Though at times it has been hard to keep up the practice of mindfulness as time has come along, I have quickly felt the benefits of the sessions and with my own input at home through regular practice. People around me have noticed an impact it has been having on me in a positive way, and I have been able to relax, sleep better and am being more mindful of the things I am  doing and how I do them, taking one or two minutes a day to be in the present. These sessions  have reminded me that I must take the best care of myself. As well as mindfulness the sessions give an opportunity to talk and discus, and work through everyday issues I may come across as a guardian of a child with ASD in a non judgmental environment”.

-Craig W, Musselburgh.

I can confidently state that Mindfulness and Meditation are wonderful experiences which promote a more calming environment in life, and will help anyone cope with changes in their lifestyle.

– Lena, East Lothian

“I found some peace from the usual hectic and crazy life that I was leading, and over time, I could transfer what I had learned to the rest of my family. Thanks again.”

W.M – East Lothian

I was struggling to cope with my autistic son. He was struggling to cope with the world, and when the nation went into Lockdown, we had no-one. Helplines were not taking on any new cases, and I had no one to turn to for help. Then a neighbour gave me the name of change therapy, and my plea for help arrived by email that day, then we talked on Facetime.  Having someone to listen and then guide me, even though we could not meet in person due to the Lockdown, was my shining light! My son is coping like never before, and that is down to me changing my mind-set, and that is all because Steve gave me his time, and showed me how to adapt to the lockdown and changes to our routine. Once Lockdown is over, I will continue to learn new ways to help us as a family. Thank you. –

Wendy (Portobello)

Down to earth and helped me manage with the coronavirus problems. I got help with finding people to deliver food. My wife and me have 2 kids and one is autistic. Cheers pal.

T.Mc – Dalkeith