Walks in Nature

The work I do every day makes a difference to others – mostly, I hope, for the better

Take a break from your routine and practice slowing down during this unique Guided Mindfulness Session.  There is a difference having someone who is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Counsellor by your side. You can rest assured that your Wellbeing will be our focus at our session, but in a manner that will be gentle and assuring on your mind.

I can help you activate your body, improving concentration and reducing stress. Especially, great for newcomers or those that can’t sit still!

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Mindfulness can help you create some time to think clearer. I can teach you how to be more self aware, even for a few minutes a day, which will help you discover that ‘me-time’ is possible. This ‘Me-time’ is crucial for your Well-being, and provides you with a goal to improve not only yourself, but the well-being of the family too.

Some of the benefits of practising Mindfulness include the following:

Increased mind skills: concentration, flexibility, creative thought, memory.

Improved psychological awareness: coping mechanisms, self assertiveness, confidence in communicating with others and being stronger within.

Enhanced health and wellbeing: healing your body from within, physical and mental stamina increases and many other positive attributes.

Everyone has different experiences in dealing with life in general, and we all try to cope in our own way, however sometimes, things don’t always work out the way that we plan, and that is where I can help.


Be at one with Nature, appreciating everything that shares our world around us, yet we are so busy or stressed to notice. Just imagine a walk where all you can hear are the sounds of nature, and your body breathing life.

You will learn how to feel and see energy fields around us, and how to feel more connected with our natural environment. When calmness is all you seek, from a very busy and challenging life, the Walk in Nature might be just what your mind, body and spirit need.

I can promise you a positive experience as well as help to balance your life.

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