The term “mindfulness” refers to a compassionate and clear-headed awareness, or the awareness of what is occurring simultaneously in the external and internal worlds.

The majority of us are more accustomed to its opposite: mindlessness, which refers to situations in which we are not fully aware of what is happening and are therefore more likely to make mistakes.

In order to make informed decisions, mindfulness entails waking up and paying attention to the present moment.

A specific method of being present in the moment is mindfulness.

The mind is less prone to become ensnared in negative thought and emotion patterns when we are tuned in to the current moment.

Through increased awareness of our thoughts and feelings and new perspectives on them, mindfulness can benefit us.

We acquire knowledge and abilities that can:

  • become more solid and focused
  • feel less overwhelmed and react to problems and stress more wisely.

Additionally, practising mindfulness can teach us to be kinder to ourselves and more accepting of the way things are.

Being “present” is difficult, especially when we’re anxious or unhappy.

We can all learn to be more attentive more frequently with time and effort.

I offer Guided Mindfulness Walks, Walk and Talk Therapy and Walks in Nature, ASD Mindfulness Walks all of which are designed to awaken your inner-self and change your outlook on life.

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