Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy improves on the ideas of cognitive therapy by teaching people to deliberately pay attention to their thoughts and feelings without passing judgement on them, utilising techniques such as mindfulness meditation.

Cognitive therapy’s basic tenet is that incorrect self-beliefs cause unpleasant feelings like depression and that thoughts come before moods.

To assist you in identifying and re-evaluating your negative thought patterns and replacing them with more realistically optimistic ones, MBCT makes use of cognitive therapy techniques.

This method enables people to reflect on their ideas without being pre-occupied with what may have been or what might happen in the future.

MBCT promotes mental clarity and gives you the tools you need to more readily let go of unfavourable thoughts rather than allowing them to feed your despair.

Similar to cognitive therapy, MBCT is based on the idea that if you have a history of depression and experience stress, you are likely to turn to those unhealthy coping mechanisms again.

As an Intuitive and Spiritual Psychologist, I have been working with Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy since 2020, just when Covid came to our shores.  This is not a quick-fix method, and it is anticipated that you allow for 6 to 8 weeks of Online Therapy for best results.

Using my previous experience I would suggest that MBCT is also very helpful to adults who are Neurodiverse. If you are interested in this approach, get in touch using my Contact Page, thank you.

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