Strategy for Panic Attack

The following exercise is suggested for anyone that needs help in coping with a Panic Attack. This also works for Anxiety Attacks. This strategy is one of the best and comes with the best intentions to alleviate the stress.

Being aware of your Five Senses.

Look around you.

Name 5 things you can Hear

Name 4 things you can See

Name 3 things you can Touch

Name 2 things you can Smell

Name 1 thing you can Taste.

You can feel your Senses at work, reinforcing that you are very much alive and making connections to the world you live in.

Practice your Breathing exercises, taking time between breaths, feeling the good positive air going into your lungs, and holding for 2 seconds, before breathing out the negative thoughts. Repeat this 3 times, breathing in the positive calming air, and breathing out the negative thoughts.

Take a few minutes to steady your thoughts, to give some love to the person inside you and reassure them that they are safe now. I would suggest that you spell out your own name slowly to re-affirm who you are, and how well you have done to become calm again.

If you feel that a panic attack is coming on, try out the Being aware of your Five Senses exercise and see if that helps to control your feelings. It may help if you give this exercise to someone close, so that they may help you afterwards as you require loads of patience and reassurance.

Please feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for your time.

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