Baking with our Autistic Child – Part 1

Most of the people in the UK have recently had more time on their hands than usual, due to the Lockdown. We were fortunate that we were pretty well stocked up with items that could keep our children busy and engaged.

One of the popular activities for families has been trying out Baking from home. The supermarkets and shops emptied of the necessary ingredients of flour, icing and sugar, very quickly and for a couple of months, these items above were like ‘gold dust’ to have.


One of the concerns we had prior to our decision to make Cakes, was our child who is extremely sensitive to the textures involved with baking, however the visual thought of iced cakes seemed to outweigh any apprehension he had.

By the time we had mixed the flour and water to make dough, using the electric mixer, any aversion to the odd smells and fine powdery remnants were also gone.

Having an Autistic child involved with baking or cooking in the kitchen can be a different type of recipe than planned, but what we are witnessing is something that is not written in any text books we have come across.

Fine Motor Skills – check

Sensitivities to Smell, Touch and Taste – check

Following Instruction – check

So far so good!

continued tomorrow….



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