Baking with our Autistic Child – Part 3

From our day of Baking cakes, I can proudly state that this was very successful.

Our son finding relief from his daily struggles with extreme sensitivities to textures, smells and keeping clean, even though only for a couple of hours, is something that we will revisit as often as we can.

Our neighbours, family and friends will benefit over the coming months I am sure!

The other positive thing that we discovered, is the decrease in anxieties during the busy times of preparation; even waiting for the finished cakes, were less demanding times for our son.

Naturally as a parent, you have to stay one step ahead of your budding chef, with things like the electric mixer and hot baking trays around, but one thing I will say is that our son does things systematically, which gives us plenty of time to prepare for each stage of the baking process.

Whether you are autistic or not, I believe that Baking can be an excellent way to help you manage to be calm and take control of your anxieties in life. The end result of delicious cakes, pastries or bread make it all worthwhile.


Please feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for your time.

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