Quarantine Diaries: Losing Steam

This is a very well written post which sums up pretty much what many of us have experienced recently, and I thought it was well worth Re-blogging too.

South of City

We’ve been in quarantine for a very long time! While there have been ups and downs throughout, there is the ever-approaching point of resignation.

After the first few weeks of being confined to my home, I decided that remaining in my pajamas all day was making me feel, for lack of a better word, icky. So I starting getting dressed, doing my hair, and putting on makeup and this made a world of difference. It allowed me to hold on to the routine that I knew and made me feel a lot more productive. I was getting more done because I was “ready for the day”.

This was my mode of operation for a few months, but lately the days that I didn’t feel like changing out of my sweats were becoming more and more frequent. I was losing steam. It dawned on me that this is more than just…

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