Coping with Anxiety – Engaging in a Useful Activity

Change Therapy – Ways to cope with anxiety during and after COVID-19


1 – Engage in a Useful Activity

Concern over the outbreak of the Coronavirus is perfectly common. Some individuals, however, can experience extreme anxiety which can affect their everyday lives.

My first suggestion to help manage anxiety in this present situation, would be to try and engage your brain in a useful activity. I am not talking about watching the latest box set of your favourite drama on TV!

Decide to tidy up one room in your house, like a spring cleaning? Go through your items and decide if you need to keep them, or perhaps when the pandemic is over, you could try selling them or donating to charity?

If tidying is not your thing, how about taking up a new hobby or learning to play a musical instrument?

Reading these books that you have never got round to yet, is another way to do something useful, and educational at that.

Another idea, perhaps, you can try digging out the Old Photographs and finally getting round to sorting out who is who and in what year they were taken?

This activity also helps you reclaim your identity from years gone by, as you reminisce back to the days when things were so different. Yes, it can be an emotional roller-coaster, however by sorting through your life journey, this can give you a chance to put certain difficult times behind you – similar to closure.

Before you know it, time will fly by and  instead of sitting watching TV, sleeping etc, you are engaging your brain with something useful.

You are also importantly, not worrying about anything as you are being distracted in your tidy-up.

This is the start of re-entry into society by following these suggestions.

I will be continuing these posts each day for the rest of this month, to try and help you focus on how to manage anxiety, so please remember to look out here and on my website











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