Have a Nap

In need of a quick shut-eye? Don’t ignore your body and take some time to re-energize throughout the day.

Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep last night, or just feel lethargic and cannot be bothered.

There are many positive reasons for finding some time during the day to have some ‘me-time’ by closing your eyes for a quick nap.

Naps boost alertness and improve motor performance, which is why you should feel energized after taking one. The length of your nap determines the benefits.

10 minutes to 30 minutes, may make you feel groggy on waking, but your body will quickly focus again and you will get a second wind, enough to get you through the coming hours.

If you can, ideally, get 45 to 90 minutes, in a quiet environment, you will benefit greatly from this renewed energy and this boost will keep you going until your normal bed-time.

Keep in mind, a short snooze is a wiser choice than sipping coffee if you need a mid-day reboot, since consuming caffeine in the afternoon or evening can negatively affect your night-time slumber. Napping is a natural way to revive your energy.

7 thoughts on “Have a Nap

  1. For sleep changes due primarily to Alzheimer s disease, there are non-drug and drug approaches to treatment. Most experts and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) strongly encourage use of non-drug measures rather than medication. Studies have found that sleep medications generally do not improve overall sleep quality for older adults. Use of sleep medications is associated with a greater chance of falls and other risks that may outweigh the benefits of treatment.

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  2. I started taking afternoon naps years ago when I began working from home. My dry eyes needed the break. I call it my ‘beauty’ nap and my friends know my line is busy for the whole hour I either keep my eyes closed and listen to the radio, or actually fall asleep. Either way it does wonders.

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