Finding Meaning – Every Day

It is easy to become complacent in life and just do enough to get by.

Have you taken things for granted?

Can you be quite content to let others do the running?

We all get like this at one time or another, and it is easy to sit back and watch.

I was on the phone to a friend the other day asking how they were, and they said that they were lacking motivation to get up and do anything; preferring to watch some box-sets on Netflix for a few days, eating the remains of the Christmas chocolates and other less than healthy meals. They could not find much meaning to life in general, especially as the government keeps asking them to stay at home to suppress the virus. There is more to life than TV and comfort eating I suggested and I challenged my friend to change their outlook on life, by doing something each day that could help them rediscover their identity, because right now, their lives were being run by the TV set!

Each night before going to bed, I asked my friend to write down 2 things that they could do the next day, small achievable tasks that they had been meaning to do for a long time. When they woke in the morning, they were to familiarize themselves with the 2 tasks ahead, and address them before going anywhere near the TV set. My friend said that they had put off updating the Christmas card list and also put off copying addresses from the 2020 diary to the 2021 diary. So, here were 2 small tasks that could be accomplished the next day and would be a meaningful start to the day too. No TV until the goals were met. My friend wrote down 2 tasks for each day of the week and I said that I would call back to find out how the got on.

One week later I telephoned, and my friend sounded cheerier and it was obvious that they had achieved what I had asked, as they talked for the next 30 minutes about what they had done Every Day, with a certain amount of pride. The TV was no longer the central point in their every day existence, and on most days, it was never even switched on!

A selection of my friend’s small tasks that were set are as follows:

Try to fix the table leg that was wobbly for years – Tack down the carpet that I trip on – Tidy out the plates and saucers cupboard – Back up all the photos on the laptop to an external drive – wash inside windows – Update Christmas card list – Do something about the window that whistles when it is windy – Get rid of the catflap, now that the cat is no longer here – Clean the inside of the car – Try and fill a few bags for charity with things I don’t need .

We all have lists of To Do tasks, and these lists are usually kept around for years and years. How many people move house and fill the removals van with stuff that they think they might need, but it always ends up in the garage/yard/spare room/attic or storage?? If you can cut down that To Do list one day at a time, you will feel less weighed down by the thoughts of that list, and your life will be more interesting as you seek out new small tasks to keep you motivated.

My friend is very keen for me to help them with their unhealthy diet , but one step at a time here. Too much change at once can be overwhelming, so remember to only set small tasks for the days ahead. Feel free to drop me a line with any of your suggestions or if you need some guidance, get in touch.

Please feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for your time.

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