Walking in Nature – Walk and Talk

Massive thanks to Stephen Newlin at Business Gateway for publishing an advert promoting Change Therapy in the Buzz (Business News) magazine. Have a look; 3 minute read please.

The link to get the download is https://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/downloads/download/12586/east_lothian_business_buzz_newsletter

The service I provide, is free. I have a life long disability which prevents me working again (career wise), so with the help and support of Business Gateway, we have come up with this Social Enterprise (unpaid) idea in which I can try to help people overcome challenges that they may face,by utilizing my Psychology and Counselling skills to make positive change happen.

Did you know?  The NHS in various regions around the UK are suggesting to GP’s that prescribing ‘walking in nature’ is more beneficial that pills, for certain issues, like anxiety, OCD, sleep disorders, headaches, depression and a whole host of ailments?

Work/Career problems, Not sleeping at night, Weight concerns, Relationship help, these are typical areas that can be improved upon, by joining me for a Walk and Talk. Some people just want to ‘get away’ from their lives for an hour, and appreciate the chance to have a chat, knowing that they will not be judged, listened to, in a confidential and safe space.

I specialize in areas associated with the Autistic Spectrum, Global Developmental Delay, Genetic Syndromes, Cognitive Disabilities, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Heart Disease and associated life long complications.

Demand is high, and spaces are very limited, so book well in advance.

To get in touch. Contact Form




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