Fear of Disapproval


We have all heard the phrase “You shouldn’t care what other people think of you”.

In my opinion, this is unwise. It matters a lot, depending on the relationship you have with the person saying their piece.

If it is a family member, a friend or work colleague, then to be a liked and acknowledged  part of that particular group does make a difference.

We all want to be approved and accepted, as this is human nature.

What others think of you in the context of a stranger in the street or passer- by, then their opinion should not matter, as they are not part of your life and unlikely ever will be.


Another perspective on this….

Often it can be said that when people are critical of others, they are deflecting from their own insecurities. Ask yourself, is this the case?

If you get a chance to look into the life of the person criticising, you will see a less than perfect world, and rather than fixing their own lives, they want to bring you down to their level. So caring what they think about you is irrelevant.

4 thoughts on “Fear of Disapproval

  1. Excellent post and a common happening which troubles most of us. If only we develop the ability to understand the feelings of the other their disapproval can be correlated to their state of mind or the situation they are facing.
    Thanks 😊


  2. I think ‘not caring about others’ has a nuance to it we miss. It’s about giving an ear to them, but not letting them in any way affect your authentic self and emotions adversely.
    While critiques are most of the time, the people who criticize to feel superior not to build you up. If the criticism has an hostile undertone , we rather should NOT listen to it rather than letting it effect our emotions or self concept. You can benefit from that also but that requires a lot of emotional stability and sturdy self concept. Healthy criticism has a supportive and caring undertone. Sadly it’s not that common.

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