Coping with Anxiety – Improve Fitness

Change Therapy – Ways to cope with anxiety during and after COVID-19

3 – Improve fitness

Being advised to stay inside your home during this pandemic has its challenges, which may also have increased the level of anxieties experienced. It is a worrying time regarding the health of the people in the world, but you have to try and concentrate on YOU for now.

If you were to remain seated watching TV or sleeping most of the day away, adding in the extra comfort eating while being entertained, it is reasonable to presume that your weight will increase too. It is important to get some exercise while being indoors, and that can be achieved with a little effort to begin with.

Sitting down and moving your feet in a circular motion is a start, and perhaps getting out of your chair every 20 minutes to walk 100 steps round the home will also allow you to feel the blood flowing through your body. These are simple ways to get your mind thinking that exercise is achievable without altering your routine too much.

Try putting your arm in the air as if to touch the ceiling, and stretch the fingers out for 10 seconds, then retract. Repeat every 10 minutes. Do this same activity with your toes, but not towards the ceiling!! Stretch your legs out in front in you and see if you can feel your toes for 10 seconds.

You see, the mind when stuck in a cycle of activities like watching TV, gaming etc, it becomes comfortable, therefore altering this event becomes uncomfortable. The thoughts of changing habits are pushed aside. .

The term baby-steps are used to describe taking things slowly while exploring a new activity. This applies here too, in my therapies that I practice. The old proverb ‘You can lead a horse to water, but cannot make it drink’ come to mind here, in that you can give someone an opportunity but not force them to take it. This is why I encourage gentle and slow approaches to changing your routines.

If change is forced upon someone, they will likely resist, therefore taking your time, and allowing your body a chance to get used to something different is the way to move forward, especially for people who deal with anxiety on a daily basis.

When you start to feel anxious or worry about something, do these gentle exercises, which will distract you from the present thoughts. Concentrate on the blood flowing round your fingers or toes, bringing healthy energy to your body.

I will be continuing these posts each day for the rest of this month, to try and help you focus on how to manage anxiety, so please remember to look out here and on my website



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