Coping with Anxiety – Watching the Food Intake


6 – Watching the food intake

I know, it is so easy to eat half that packet of biscuits while consuming 4 coffees all before lunchtime! You didn’t do this while at work prior to the pandemic did you?

What has changed? Too much time on our hands? From the previous article, on Shaking your Body Alive, I invited you to adjust your sleeping times, and start to waken at 6am.

You body takes time to change to your new regime, and will still urge you to eat when it says so; it has been pre-programmed to require energy intake for many years, and will need to be re-configured gradually.

So, if you are wakening up at 6am, breakfast is going to be earlier than usual, and the in-between hours before lunch will be difficult while the body adjusts.

I would suggest that you have a drink of water when you feel these hunger pangs, rather than ending up having two breakfasts. At least your stomach will feel full, and the psychology behind this is, to trick your body into thinking it is satisfied. It is the lack of sugar that gives it away though, and it can be a matter of sticking to what you want to achieve today, to get to lunchtime without reaching for the biscuits.

If you are rising at 6am, having some lunch at 11.30 would be typical in this situation, with dinner or tea around 4pm. A light supper around 8pm, and only water or herbal tea or caffeine free coffee before going to bed at 10pm.

Any time of the day, if  you start to feel anxious or worry about something, like giving in to your hunger cravings, repeat these gentle exercises, that I described in previous Posts, of marching on the spot and stretching your toes and fingers, which will distract you from the present thoughts. Concentrate on the blood flowing round your fingers or toes, bringing healthy energy to your body.

Try to stick to what you have said you will achieve today.

Tomorrow, I will help you to prepare for sleeping with a special mindfulness meditation. I use this on my children and know that it works.

I will be continuing these posts each day for the rest of this month, to try and help you focus on how to manage anxiety, so please remember to look out here and on my website



One thought on “Coping with Anxiety – Watching the Food Intake

  1. Well, unless one’s a Hobbit, the “Second Breakfast” is a given . . . right?! Another great article my new friend.

    You are so right! Mind preparation is important, have a plan beforehand so mentally, we can discipline ourselves to go for a walk, take a shower, paint your nails (that one’s usually for women but who knows in this world.) I’m a writer so I can involved in writing and lose track of time. If someone’s truly hungry, consume some fibrous fruit instead of losing control and reaching for a donut.

    Love reading your common-sense articles! Stay happy and healthy, blessings back,


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