Strength of a Lioness

She rises to gather strength

She rises to greet and groom others

She rises to hunt

She rises alongside other Lionesses

She rises to move the young cubs to safety

She rises to confront enemies that threaten the pride

She rises to walk with her King


It is amazing that no matter how weak or hopeless you may feel at certain times in your life, there is a part of us that brings forth the nature of the Lioness, especially when feeling threatened.

If only we could learn to have the strength of a Lioness at all times, then life would be more manageable.

7 thoughts on “Strength of a Lioness

  1. This post…this post is the best WordPress entry I think I have ever read.
    It means such a lot to me, would you mind if I do my first reblog or refer to this in a post of my own?
    It goes without saying it’s fine if not, it’s still absolutely beautiful, and thank you so much for posting it 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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