The Complete Picture

A man had four sons. He wanted them to learn to judge things carefully, so he sent each of them on a quest to look at an apple tree far away.

The first son left in the Winter.

The second son left in the Spring.

The third son left in the Summer.

The fourth son left in the Autumn.

After they all returned home , he asked his sons to describe what they had experienced.

The first son said that the apple tree was ugly and twisted.

The second son said the apple tree was covered with buds and full of promise.

The third son responded that the apple tree was filled with sweet smelling flowers.

The fourth son disagreed with all of them and said the apple tree was heavy with ripe fruit.

The father pointed out to his four sons that they were all correct in their observations, for they had only witnessed just one season of the tree’s life.

He went on to explain, that we cannot judge people or circumstances until all the pieces are available to present a complete picture.

Remember don’t give up when its Winter, you will miss the promise of Spring, the beauty of Summer and the fulfilment of Autumn.

8 thoughts on “The Complete Picture

  1. That’s just so true. We have no right to judge anyone. We need to remind ourselves of that when our weakness forces that on us. We have no idea what they have been thru…

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