Dunbear – John Muir


I was in Dunbar, a town on the east coast of Scotland, near Edinburgh, where I took my family on a wee walk to see the Dun-bear – Dunbar + Bear! This particular brown bear is 5 metres high, made of steel and is a tribute to the great man John Muir.

John Muir was born here, in Dunbar, Scotland, in 1838 and a museum is located in the town centre dedicated to this great man.

Here I am, with the Bear

The area around the Bear is well laid out with many concrete paths, and open spaces of fields. It is suitable for wheelchairs too, and there is a garden centre and supermarket within 10 minutes of the site, where refreshments are available.

This location is perfect for my Walk and Talk therapy sessions with parking and accessible paths in abundance.

It is often amazing that there are so many beautiful places to visit, right on our doorsteps. Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to find such a spot, or a chance article in the local news and often it is taking a different path on your journey, that you come across something different and interesting.

Thanks for reading and stay safe


8 thoughts on “Dunbear – John Muir

  1. I knew of his work toward conservation of land/wilderness; however, there was so much more to this man. Quite incredible!

    What a wonderful tribute to a native born son is the bear statue. And seeing you standing in front of it sure brings its size to the fore. I’m so pleased that Andy Scott portrayed the bear’s claws. Somehow this detail brings it even more to life!

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      1. I’ve visited Yosemite many times (grew up in California), where Muir had a particularly big impact; I’ve visited the cabin he lived in and hiked parts of the John Muir Trail. We owe him so much.

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